On 1973, the global energy crisis was caused by warring of the Middle East and built up the world economical failing。The Republic of China special, the dead president “Mr. Chiang Ching-Kuo” was farsighted and we had started to do the “Ten Great Economical Constructions”, the whole nation have tried to excel by strenuous efforts under the guidance of country constructions, strengthened International Trading to strive for the foreign exchange, and the exporters have established as the mushroom like bamboo shoots after rain。 The first chairman “Mr. Su Wen-Ching” was engaged in International Trading in the bygone years, he believed that the economical prosperous development is very important to expand the International Trade.  To expand the International market need to strengthen the connection and solidarity of people of the same occupation.  Tai-Nan County Import/Export Commercial Trade society has established on June 18, 1974, to unify the whole county power of Industry and Commercial to march toward the international market in the beginning office of our association which has borrowed the small wooden house of Sing-Ying Park from the County Chamber of Commerce.  We was started to coordinate with the County Chamber of Commerce from the beginning of year 1975.  We have built the office at the current address.  The chairman、varied supervisor and chief executive committee have raised fund in every way and Su Chairman has applied with the higher-ups, finally we have gained the subsidy NTD500,000.00 from the provincial union society.  The completion of association office has occupied the place 68 Square Meter (20.5 ping) on March 01, 1976 smoothly.  All business developing and the member service works were rather successful。 We have coordinated again with the County Chamber of Commerce to extend and build an office building, our association has increased to build the current office to 111.5 Square Meter (33.7 ping) and anew to make the decoration and arrangement, we became the service office to extend the County International Trade Importer and Exporter, up to the present time has more than 30 years.


First chairman “Mr. Su Wen-Ching”, whom connected with knitting territory “Mr. Kuo Ping-Yang、Mr. Wei Shun-An” took the leader to initiate to found the social gathering of knitting trade and there were the miniature form of a trade union, and then we extended the spinning and weaving、food、garment、plastic、make shoes、chemical、make drugs、metal products、trading company…etc.  For be dealt with simultaneously、canvass various opinions and benefit from them、investigate and research to improve the technology、increase the production and sale to gather together varied business 71 suppliers to establish this association.

Su chairman has solicited help to offer contribution, varied suppliers have felt great respect。On the beginning, the funds were deficient, the first varied supervisors needed to pay the fee of supervisor meeting by turn and we had the meeting at the take charge of office.  After meeting, we have compared notes the production procedure of every company.  We could effective the advantages and deleted the faults.  We were planning together and progressing together to let the varied business gain the great progress.  This excellent traditional spirit was continued to the year of 1985 and let the finance organization of our association in good condition and there were an offer contribution deeply.

On 1977, the tenure of first supervisor was expired and held a new election, Su Chairman was reached the people desire to keep on without interruption to offer contribution continuously.  He has leaded the same trade to develop the International Trade and absorbed members and expanded business activities。During the period of Su Chairman kept on without interruption two expirations, varied business behaved in fine good and foremost.  We have recommended and gotten elected the whole nation fine good businessman, totally there were: Mr. Kao Ching-Yuann、Mr. Kuo Ping-Yang、Mr. Wu Hsiu-chi、Mr. Wei Shun-An、Mr. Lee Shih-Sung、Mr. Su Wen-Ching、Mr. Han Hao-Jan、Mr. Kuo Shen-Hai、Mr. Huang Ching-Wang、Mr. Wu Wei-Hsing、Mr. Lin Chun-San、Mr. Chen Ching-Jui…etc.  They have praised in public by the minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs with the whole nation general chamber of commerce and preserved our association in honor record.

On May 31, 1970, the tenure of second supervisor was expired and the whole members have supported Mr. Wei An-Shun to be the third chairman.  Wei Chairman has well-guarded fine good business activities of previous chairman and let the finance organization of this association in good condition specially, and he has strengthened the work to honor the armed forces and cheer troops.  On December, 1980, the previous chairman Su Chairman has encouraged positively and the General Manager “Mr. Kao Ching-Yuann” of TON YI Industrial Corporation、the Vice General Manager “Mr. Chiang Tsai” of TATEH INDUSTRY CO., LTD have supported and helped to Wei Chairman and coordinated the association staffs have solicited help to offer contribution and we have started to set up the special bank account at the relative banks to collect the donate money of cheer troops and there were excellent achievements and accumulated the considerable money.  Let the finance of our association has became in good condition。 We have finished this donate money of cheer troops on April 1988 because the policy changed but it was effective a great result during the 7 years period.

On May 31, 1983, the tenure of third supervisor was expired, for adapt the present environment, enlarged the member’s participation and contributive requirement so the quota of fourth supervisor has increased to most numbers to select administrator in 15 persons、supervisor in 5 persons.  The whole members have supported Mr. Wei An-Shun to keep on without interruption to be the fourth chairman continuously.  During this tenure of office, Wei Chairman has expanded to build the office, worked to honor the armed forces and cheer troops and service members to make varied activities and gained the evident achievements.

On May 27, 1986, the supervisor has selected again and Mr. Kuo Ping-Yang had the honor of being appointed to the fifth Chairman as worthy of reputation.  Kuo Chairman dedicated to develop the association business and the finance organization in good condition, strengthened to donate money of cheer troops.  He has gained an built the business activities in new record。 Kuo Chairman was aspiration no evil thought, he has announced that we would not campaigned to continue in the association before the tenure of third supervisor was expired so he was the unique to be the chairman one tenure.

On June 1989, the sixth supervisor has selected and founded again, Mr. Lai Cheng-Nan had the honor of being appointed to be the sixth Chairman.  On June 1992, the seventh supervisor has selected and founded again, Mr. Lai Cheng-Nan had the honor to keep on without interruption to be the seventh Chairman.  Mr. Lai was the senior standing members of administrator.  He was gone up the Industry Group supervisor in several years.  He was sharp, keen and capable and he would like to have the rational concept to service the people.  He has leaded the whole members by his firm, steady and realistic style with a familiar skill.  He has gained the association business in good condition and perfect.  His great accomplishment was strengthened to serve members, enlarged the field of vision and increased the managerial skill.  He has organized the foreign investigation team to let the members have visited East/North Asia、USA/Canada、Europe, recent year he has organized the investigation team to know the investment environment in Vietnam.  We have visited the North Europe countries to understand their excellent prosperity policy, life level, the national income superior great and the social arrangement stable actual condition.  We could have a completely new impression and encouraged our association to gain the rational concept to be a greater degree.

On June 28, 1995, the eighth supervisor has selected again, the whole members have elected Mr. Fen Chin-Tsai to be the chairman. Mr. Fen has been our association supervisor in several years, he was a pharmacological and entrepreneur.  Although he has the successful business enterprise, he still kept the poise of learned person, he was respectful and courteous and he did not like someone to name “Fen President” and he did like to name “Mr. Fen” with him.  Mr. Fen has taken charge Chairman, he has served members positively, increased our association’s source of finance and coordinated with Ministry of Economic Affairs International Trade Office to push and propagate the trade business to subsidize application and prepared varied expand business group to visit Japan、Australia、New Zealand、Russia、Poland、Hungary、Spain、Portugal and North Korea… etc. to look at the foreign market for members.  He has pushed our business association in computerize to provide the members the latest information and our association was effective the great feature of service.  Let our association to forge ahead the 21st century new milepost and we have created together to gain the magnificent results with our country.

On June 23, 2001, the tenth supervisor has selected again, the people say 「Chiang teacher」、「Yung-Cheng King」-- Mr. Chiang Yung-Cheng was the chairman.  Previously he has taught the great talent and he has attended our association activities enthusiastically.  This time he was elected our association chairman where there was real ability there was fame.  He was adhered to settle the initial achievements of successive posts chairman and devoted expand our association business to serve our members.  He has often helped our members at the right time and it was association purport.

On June 26, 2004, Mr. Chiang Yung-Cheng had the honor to keep on without interruption to be the eleventh chairman.  He has the enthusiastic service to our members so he can take this important responsibility continuously.  He has developed the original project plan of our association and he was strengthened to expand the overseas business.  He was adapted to our Government South Direction Policy and he has managed the varied trade overseas business term to visit Vietnam、Cambodia、India and European numerously.  It will be increased some trade chances for our members.  He has initiated to go to the varied famous landscape to organize the New Year Social Gathering on every Lantern Festival Eve.  It will be increased the member representative Social Gathering chances and he has encouraged the member representative to attend to take their family along and the attended persons has grown up every year.  It will be appeared the chairman’s well intentioned and efforts.


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